Destination Weddings In Trend for Chinese Couples

Destination Weddings In Trend for Chinese Couples

Destination weddings are becoming popular in China’s high-end wedding sector, according to The South China Morning Post, which means that a growing number of couples are seeking out luxury accommodation options in destinations like Thailand, including upscale private villas. Other current trends for weddings within this segment include customisation and quality, two factors that also bolster the popularity of Thailand’s luxury private villas.


According to the report, a young generation of media-savvy couples are moving towards ceremonies that combine traditional and Western elements. This trend can be seen particularly in the high end of the market.


“Destination wedding are really booming,” says Cyrielle Mohara, the founder of Spectrum agency, a high-end wedding planning agency based in Shanghai. “They are popular because it means you can invite fewer guests, usually fewer than 50 guests, to your wedding.”


Mohara revealed that many Chinese couples opting to get married abroad will actually host two separate ceremonies. “The destination part is for friends and close family, it’s really what the couple wants to do. Then they will do another one in China which is more for the parents and more like a banquet where the parents can invite their friends and relatives,” she says.


Customisation of the celebration is also growing increasingly important for couples, and is a trend that is easily catered for by hosting your wedding in a private villa. By opting to celebrate their wedding in one of Thailand’s luxurious, exclusive holiday properties, couples can tailor each and every aspect of the day by working closely with the property’s dedicated team of staff.


“Customisation if very important, and we are always thinking of artisans we can work with to make customised items to give to the guests – for example, the small wedding favours,” says Mohara. “Personalisation and customisation are two major trends; people are now willing to spend more money on something that is handmade or customised just for them. They might have fewer flowers, but they will be beautiful imported flowers, higher quality.”


Many Chinese couples are taking their wedding inspiration from celebrities, according to Sophie Jin, brand manager at Lova Weddings. “High-end customers, they are checking what celebrities are doing, and what kind of trends are in the market, but they don’t want to be exactly the same,” she says. “They will see what the trends are and [evaluate] how they will fit with their own style.”


Jin agrees that high-end weddings are growing to be more tailored, bespoke events. “Weddings are more personalised,” she says. “Of course, there are still lots of traditional Chinese weddings, but the personalised ones are gaining popularity, especially high-end events where people want to differentiate themselves.”