Koh Samui Weddings

What makes a Koh Samui Wedding the perfect choice?

"Wedding and Honeymoon" is one of the four key aspects identified by Thailand's tourism tourism board for global promotion in 2012, and with good reason. As a country that's never been colonized, the local culture in Thailand plays a big part in the appeal for visitors. The natural wonders found around the country are what attract most travellers in the first place. Those who seek a slower pace of life head up mountainous north, while sun seekers naturally gravitate towards the clear waters, alabaster sand, and the sea breeze in the southern tropical destinations.

Koh Samui brands itself as a "boutique island", and despite the presence of global hospitality brands the likes of InterContinental and the Four Seasons, the island has managed to maintain a sense of exclusivity without the snobbishness that commonly comes with such high-end fame. Numerous celebrities and royalty have graced the island's shores in recent years, most famously the Duchess of York, first during the royal wedding, after which she returned for another stint in the sun. Other name drop-worthy individuals that have been touched by the charm of Koh Samui include Tom Waits, Oliver Stone, Kevin Spacey, and Emma Watson. Despite the big names that have dropped in, the innate hospitality of the Thai people level the playing field when it comes to making sure all guests to the island are given the five star treatment.

Photogenically speaking, wedding photos don't get much nicer than the backdrop of coconut palm trees and azure waters kissed by the tropical sun. Combined with luxury facilities and meticulous service standards, choosing to tie the knot on a Thai island like Koh Samui should be as simple as the "yes" that will be exchanged as vows on the big day. On the practical side of things, arranging a wedding in Thailand would cost but a mere fraction of what it would in the west, and an international airport on the island makes for convenient logistics flying in the cream of the family and friends crop.

Though all the big hotels cater for events of all kinds, it doesn't get much more intimate than a wedding held at one of the island's many luxurious private villas. The private residences, however big they may get, are still smaller than the global hospitality establishments, which means they can get close up and personal with nature, whether on the edge of the beach, or perched on a hillside with panoramic vistas across the tops of coconut plantations and the endless blue sea yonder.

For everything else, there is literally nothing a professional villa management company like Signature Weddings cannot arrange for, be it specific flowers for the arch, monks to chant their blessings to set the couple off on a auspicious path, a traditional band to set the tone for the party afterwards, or a dedicated catering team to handle every aspect of eating and making merry. Except, of course, for the weather to hold up during monsoon season -- that's left for the bride and groom to do the rain dance and prevent.

Getting married in a private residence may seem a daunting task when compared to the packaged ease of hotels and the countless details newlyweds deserve to have made perfect for their new journey ahead. But with service providers that have years of experience arranging for such a big day, soon-to-be misters and misuses can look forward to be sent off with style at a luxury private villa.