Marriage Certificate

Once the Marriage License is verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can collect the documents and then submit them to the Registrar at any Amphur (City Hall) in Thailand. The registrar, once satisfied, will register the marriage and issue duplicate Thai marriage certificates, ready for signature. This normally takes 2 working days to process. Please note that registration of civil marriages usually takes place on a weekday (not public holidays) and also that some Amphurs (City Hall) require a translator to be present.

After signature, you’re legally married and have two Thai marriage certificates in your possession. We heartily recommend that you have your marriage certificates translated by an authorized translation bureau here in Thailand, as it will be more expensive to do in your home country.

Please note:
Some countries require that the translation of your signed Thai marriage certificate is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to being certified by your embassy. This means that you will need a second visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok as well as your embassy.