Phuket Beach Weddings

Getting married on the beach in Phuket is a dream choice for many couples. The island’s stunning natural landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate tropical marriage ceremony, and the wide, sweeping bays make for some dramatic photographs on the day.

The north western coast offers a series of quiet and increasingly exclusive bays such as those at Surin and Bang Khao, with top end amenities close by. Meanwhile, to the southwest the peninsular at Naihan features dramatic ocean views and natural beachside forests, both of which guarantee a spectacular setting, as well as a memorable day.

A full beach wedding on Phuket can be organised directly through the resorts and villa rental agencies, with all the necessary arrangements taken care of and an extravagant reception to follow, either staying on the beach or back at your place of residence. Some agencies will organise boats to access smaller offshore islands, decorating the beach with flowers and shells, and setting up back ground music to set the scene.

It is worth bearing in mind that although island locations offer extremely romantic and picturesque wedding locations, they depend heavily on the prevailing weather and tidal conditions. Such ceremonies are best suited to a more casual wedding arrangement as they may involve getting hot, wet and sandy. So for those with a sense of adventure, island beach weddings are the perfect choice.