Phuket Weddings

Why are Phuket weddings so popular?

Known for its exclusive accommodation, luxurious private villas, and pristine seascapes, Phuket is the ultimate wedding location for those seeking something beyond the normal ceremony. Whether you want a rural and rustic beach wedding, an elaborate reception, or a unique and memorable small island gathering, Phuket is the place to celebrate you and your loved ones' lifelong unity.

Staying in a villa on Phuket does not mean you have to get married in the property itself, although many couples choose this option as a convenient, comfortable way to combine their ceremony with a longer holiday.

For those wanting a simple, picturesque wedding, island's like Kai Nui are only 30 minutes by boat from Phuket. This island is perfect for a smaller wedding party. Holding a maximum of 20 people, this island has alabaster beaches, stunning rock formations and guarantees absolute privacy.

Rocha Yai, which is only one-hour form Phuket, is another ideal spot for a sunrise or sunset wedding and can also fit larger parties. Crystal blue, translucent water makes this location a photographer's dream. Meanwhile, if you fell in love with not only Leo, but also his movie "The Beach," you and your partner can actually wed at Malay Bay where the movie was filmed.

If a traditional Thai wedding appeals, you can incorporate an ancient water blessing ceremony into your wedding. If you are worried about getting your Vera Wang wedding dress all soggy, a chanted monk blessing is the water-free alternative. The monks usually start with a morning chant and then to demonstrate their merit, the bride and groom offer food to the monks, which they eat to complete the ceremony.

An entertainment factor is always key to keeping your guests amused at a wedding party. To really keep the tropical theme infused, a Thai dance show is a great option, or if you want to embrace your inner pyromaniac try a firework show. Both can be easily arranged through wedding planners and reputable agents like The Signature Weddings.