Samui Wedding

The Perfect Samui Wedding

Destination weddings are once again in vogue and there is no better place to get hitched than on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, in recent years it has become one of the region's most popular beach destinations and it is now also home to a wide variety of wedding professionals who can make sure every couple has the wedding of their dreams, and at a very appealing rate too.

As a major holiday destination, Koh Samui is home to a wide variety of accommodation options. Many of these also offer guests an unforgettable venue for a wedding and a number of hotels and resorts may even have professional planners on staff. However, the most desirable option and one that is particularly favoured by many couples is to have their wedding at a private villa.

Private villas offer couples a luxurious and unforgettable venue and are also large enough for friends and family who are accompanying them to attend the ceremony and even share the luxurious accommodation and facilities. Villas are also great for weddings because they give the couple space for themselves during the hectic run-up to the wedding day. While everyone else might be stressing over getting everything ready, the couple can relax and escape to their own rooms or lounge to enjoy the day.

While some stress is inevitable for any couple planning the biggest day of their lives; professional Koh Samui wedding planners can handle almost anything a couple might require to make their day perfect. Key elements such as catering, flowers, photographers or a wedding band can all be arranged swiftly and at a cost much lower than you would expect in North America, Japan or Europe.

One of the greatest things about Koh Samui wedding destination is the sheer variety it offers in terms of location, services and atmosphere. No matter what kind of ceremony a couple is looking for, a private villa, coupled with an experience hospitality team such as those at Signature Weddings can easily match expectations.

For example, whether a couple is looking for a traditional white wedding or a more local Thai affair, either can be arranged exactly to requirements. This same also applies to catering, which can range from high-end western food to local Thai food, with plenty of beverages choices to wash down the fine flavours. As for the venue for ceremony itself; whether the couple wants to be married in a villa, a church, a Buddhist temple, at sea, or on the beach, all these can be easily arranged to match the requirements of the bride, groom and their guests.

A loving couple's wedding day should be an unforgettable event no matter where or how it is held, but to make it even more special, hosting it in a private villa on Koh Samui is an excellent option. With a variety of venues and prices to meet any budget, Thailand's boutique isle is the perfect place to choose for the wedding of your dreams.