Ideas for Thailand Wedding Packages

Each year, more and more couples are getting married abroad with the help of a wedding agency in order to avoid the often stressful process of planning a wedding themselves. Companies based as far away as Thailand are now able to organise a dream weddings for couples, no matter where they are permanently based.

 “The wedding planner works with couples so that they can add their own personal flourishes to the celebration, making for a truly bespoke wedding package.”

Using a company like The Signature Weddings in Thailand, a number of packages are available to couples, depending on what kind of flavour they want to give their big day. Each couple works exclusively with one their dedicated wedding planners who is able to assist in personalising each and every detail of the celebration to make a truly unique, personal celebration.

The Celebration

While more and more couples are jetting off to the Land of Smiles to tie the knot, taking some of the elements from a traditional wedding ceremony with them is an important part of the celebration. As such, the best agencies like the Signature Weddings offer traditional Western wedding ceremonies. The style of the ceremony leaves the bride and groom space to choose the location, vows and wedding themes they want to include. The Signature Weddings also organises a number of weddings for same sex couples, and is able to assist with the legal process of marriage throughout.

“In Thailand, couples have the choice of a traditional Western or local Thai ceremony.”

Alternatively, many couples seize the chance of getting married in Thailand as an opportunity to embrace the culture of the Kingdom, including its Buddhist heritage. In a traditional Thai Buddhist ceremony, the bride and groom arrive separately to the venue, before  several orange-robed monks perform ancient rituals to bless the union. One such ceremony sees the monks holding a thread tied to the heads of the couple, linking them directly while chanting ancient Sanskrit hymns.

A Tasty Feast

International wedding agencies also offer a number of delicious catering packages for wedding guests to feast on throughout the day. A selection of superb finger food and champagne is available for guests to nibble on following the ceremony, to tide them over until a larger feed later on. Guests are also able to sip on signature cocktails and champagne throughout the day. Couples can work with their wedding planner to create a menu that will suit all of their guests' tastes, but even the standard canapé menus are often designed to suit both meat eaters and vegetarians.

 “Whether you are in the mood for Tom Yum Gung or Chicken Cordon bleu, a vast range of menu choices cater for the preferences and dietary requirements of all guests.”

One tasty package on offer from the Signature Weddings, includes a gourmet Thai buffet, which is ideal for couples who want to feast on the authentic spicy delights of the Kingdom. Prepared by a professional chef, the buffet menu can again be tailored by the bride and groom to suit the dietary requirements of all the guests. The menu can also be tailored to guests who are more comfortable sticking to the flavours of the West, while for smaller groups, formal sit-down meals can be specially prepared by professional chefs.

Some of the delightful main courses on offer on wedding menus include:

            •           Deep fried sea bass with sweet and sour sauce

            •           Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts

            •           Grilled chicken breast and bacon with lemon tarragon sauce

            •           Steamed seasonal fish with soy sauce or fresh lime juice

            •           Stir fried tiger prawns with tamarind sauce

Get active

In addition to organising your wedding, the most reputable agencies are also able to arrange a number of extra activities outside the main celebrations so guests can enjoy their time to the max. One great way for a wedding party visiting the Thai islands to unwind, for example  is to take a private cruise, exploring isolated bays and discovering the area’s underwater wonderland.

For groups in search of some more thrilling activities, wedding planners can organise a privately chartered speedboat to take guests for some water sports. including water skiing, wake boarding. For the ultimate chill out session, it is also possible to organise a spa party to help guests relax after the big day by enjoying a range of treatments within the luxurious surroundings of a private villa.