Thailand Wedding

In today's increasingly global wedding scene, a growing number of couples are considering the option of getting married abroad in order to avoid the spiralling cost of wedding celebrations in their native countries.

Home to some of the world's most idyllic tropical beaches and impressive mountain scenery, Thailand is fast becoming a rising star when it comes to destination weddings. As well as offering stunning natural scenery, the Kingdom also boasts an array of internationally recognised accommodation options that can be found in popular resort areas across the country. Thailand's private villa rental sector is also expanding as more couples opt to tie the knot in a more exclusive setting.

By choosing to marry in Thailand, couples also have a golden opportunity to explore another niche elements of the Kingdom's vibrant culture first hand. In fact, many Thailand wedding planning agencies offer the bride and groom-to-be the chance to include some traditional Thai Buddhist rituals in their wedding ceremony.

Typically, Thai weddings begin early in the morning before the day heats up too much. The ceremony is conducted by orange-robed monks who chant and pray for the blessing of the union. The guests are also invited to take part in the ceremony by tying a string bracelet around the wrists of the bride and groom. This unique custom is a way of wishing the couple luck in their married life together.

If some of the customs typical of a Thai wedding appeal, reputable wedding planning agencies like The Signature Weddings can tailor the ceremony to specific tastes, allowing the couple to select an assortment of customs from both Thai and Western traditions. As the destination wedding sector in Thailand expands, such agencies are developing their services to offer more bespoke wedding packages. A wedding planner will work closely with the couple throughout the process to plan every detail of the special day, from the location to the food and flowers. Wedding planning agencies are also able to organise traditional entertainment to ensure the day is a memorable one for the whole wedding party.

Imagine a lively celebration, set to the lively beat of a traditional Thai drumming troupe. Or for couples who fancy something a little more relaxed - an acoustic guitarist to serenade guests at an evening soiree around a private pool. Couples can even light up the party with a personalised midnight firework display on the beach, as guests enjoy the serenity of the ocean dancing on the beach in the moonlight.

As well as assisting in the preparation of the celebration, wedding planners and agencies in Thailand can also help couples organize the legal process of marrying abroad so the union will be recognised in both Thailand, and the couple's native country.

Ultimately, the best Thailand wedding companies are there to relieve the stress of the bride and groom, so that even though they are tie-ing the knot in a foreign land, once the event is planned they can focus on enjoying one of the best days of their lives without having to worry about every small details.