Weddings in Thailand

Why do couples choose Weddings in Thailand?

Most people dream of a beach wedding, and in Thailand it's not only possible, but increasingly becoming one of the most popular forms of marriage for visiting couples looking for the ultimate wedding celebration. Resort destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui offer a vast choice of locations and support services that allow couples to choose a bespoke wedding in paradise at considerably less cost than they would expect in their home country

The proliferation of private villas and resorts, either located right by the beach or in dramatic coastal hillside locations around Thailand, means newlyweds can combine their wedding day with a dream holiday. Family and friends often fly out to share the experience, and many wedding celebrations last a week or more as the guests take the opportunity to enjoy all the attractions and activities on offer in Thailand's most famous destinations.

Wedding planners, photographers, chefs, musicians and service staff are all readily available at reasonable rates and a number of professional agencies such as Signature Weddings offer inclusive packages, as well as tailor made events to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Ceremonies can be either informal or very traditional, with trained celebrants available to lead the exchange of vows and elaborate decorations, food and entertainment options adding special touches to the day.

Wedding agencies handle everything from legal documentation to transport and accommodation bookings and the famous Thai service culture ensures no detail is left unattended. Well trained staff are on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly, allowing the happy couple to focus on the romance and fun of the experience.

Luxury villas make for superlative wedding venues and the choice of properties on offer is now vast and appealing. Stunning views, tropical gardens and comfortable surroundings all add to the unique appeal. The photographs are guaranteed to impress too and with so many additional attractions available in Thailand's resort destinations,' many couples remember their Thai wedding celebration as the holiday of a lifetime.