Koh Samui Beach Weddings

Why choose a Koh Samui destination wedding?

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“Koh Samui is a great place for the bride, groom and their guests to enjoy a vacation”

Rather than face the challenge of spiralling wedding costs in their home countries, many couples opt for the more economical option of destination weddings. Even at the top of the price ladder, Koh Samui is fast becoming one of Thailand’s hot spots for destination weddings, and when the island’s stunning scenery and tailor-made wedding services are taken into consideration, it is no surprise. The island is also a great holiday destination for couples to enjoy before and  after the wedding with a rich local culture and a wealth of natural wonders to explore, as well as a number of exciting on and offshore activities to enjoy.

What is the best location on Koh Samui?

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“Private villas are the ideal wedding venue for couples that want to personalise every aspect of their wedding day”

While Koh Samui is home to a number of five star resorts that regularly host weddings, an increasing number of couples are deciding to tie the knot within the exclusive surroundings of one of the islands luxurious private villas. Getting married in a villa not only means total privacy, but it also opens up a range of different locations for the bride and groom to choose from, depending on their vision of an perfect ceremony. Professional wedding firms like the Signature Weddings offer a wide portfolio of villas that are sprinkled across the island’s towns, beaches and hillsides. Couples that want to remain close to the lavish comfort of the villa can tie the knot in the property’s lush, landscaped gardens. Alternatively, couples that want to embrace Thailand’s tropical beauty can get married on an oceanview hillside, enjoying the fresh sea breezes and dramatic seascape backdrop. Then, of course, couples that want to feel the sand between their toes as they say their vows can opt to rent one of Samui’s beachside villas.

Before the wedding

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“Island-based wedding planners help organise all the details of the big day”

One of the bonuses of using a professional agency for a destination wedding on Koh Samui is that the bride and groom can leave all the details to their dedicated wedding planner. This means they arrive in Thailand sound in knowledge that everything is pre-planned and organised by experts. The wedding planner works closely with couples via email in the run up to the wedding day to make sure the décor, food and entertainment lives up to their ideal wedding day fantasy. Some couples prefer to stick to a traditional Western menu, but an increasing number of brides and grooms prefer to spice things up with a selection of Thai curries and salads. Koh Samui is also a great location to indulge in a fresh seafood barbecue for the wedding feast. The decorations can also be customised, with options such as traditional orchid and lotus blooms, fairy lights or more quirky seashell designs. The range of wedding entertainment available on Koh Samui is also diverse, and couples can choose from live  bands, DJs or professional Thai dancers to add a sense of the exotic location.

On the wedding day

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 “At a private villa couples have the luxury of designing their own bespoke the wedding day”

In destinations like Thailand, couples often choose to avoid the heat of the early afternoon and begin their wedding proceedings in late afternoon. Upon arrival at the private villa, guests can enjoy a selection of refreshments before making their way to where the ceremony will be held – whether in the villa’s own grounds, or perhaps on an adjoining beach. The couple are free to choose their preferred ceremony, with many opting for a Buddhist ritual complete with chanting monks. Once the bride and groom have said their “I do’s”, the sky lights up with the spectacular colours of the Koh Samui sunset – the perfect time for photographs and cocktails. When the formalities are over, guests can indulge in a sumptuous feast of local or Western dishes made all the more delicious when selected by the bride and groom. Once everyone has eaten their fill, guests can enjoy some personalised entertainment by the villa’s private pool. Many couples also choose to release lanterns for good luck, while others prefer to round things off with a dramatic fireworks display.