Why choose a destination wedding on Samui?

Samui Weddings

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 “Picturesque Koh Samui is one of the world’s top locations for destination weddings”

Glorious scenery, tailor-made services and reasonable prices are just a few of the reasons why a growing number of couples are selecting the charming Thai island of Koh Samui as the location for their destination wedding. Koh Samui also boasts a rich cultural heritage and a number of exciting outdoor activities that make it an ideal holiday destination for the bride, groom and their guests to enjoy on an extended vacation either before or after the wedding takes place.

What is the best location on Samui?

Flower wedding decorations

“Couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding venue on Koh Samui”

While many couples choose to tie the knot in one of the luxurious hotel resorts that pepper the island, a growing number are discovering the advantages of saying their vows within the lavish surroundings of one of Samui’s private villas. Samui is home to a vast portfolio of villas that are speckled across the island’s towns, beaches and hillsides. Depending on each couple’s taste, they can opt to get married within the stylish and comfortable surroundings of the private villa’s interior. Many villas also feature large, landscaped gardens which are also proving popular for couples that want to get married in comfort and style. However, many couples choose to embrace the natural graces of Koh Samui by getting married on the beach, or on one of the island’s quiet hillsides. Getting married within the grounds of a hillside villa guarantees a fresh sea breeze to keep guests cool, as well as exquisite ocean views. Villas with beach access mean that the bride and groom can enjoy the exotic scenery of a tropical wedding without ever being too far from the comfort of the villa itself.

Before the wedding

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 “A wedding planner can organise the food, entertainment and decorations before the couple arrive on Koh Samui”

One of the benefits of working with a reputable wedding agency such as The Signature Weddings is that a wedding planner can help organise all the details before the couple even arrive in Thailand. Each dedicated wedding planner is also a mine of local knowledge, and can therefore help brides and grooms get the best value for their money. Depending on the couple’s taste, the wedding planner can organise a traditional sit down meal following the wedding ceremony, or a mouth-watering buffet in the garden of the private villa. The couple are also free to choose their own form of entertainment. Many couples choose to introduce a little bit of Thai culture into their celebrations by enjoying the performances of Thai drummers, traditional dance troupes or fire performers. Some couples even go all out by arriving at their wedding ceremony on the back of an elephant. When it comes to decorations, the couple is also free to choose any theme they desire, and the wedding planner is able to advise on the latest décor trends sweeping the wedding world that season. 

On the wedding day

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 “By getting married in a private villa, the bride and groom can set their own schedule”

One of the beauties of tying the knot in one of Koh Samui’s private villas is that couples are not restricted by hotel schedules when it comes to setting their wedding schedule. While traditional Thai weddings generally begin at sunrise, many foreign couples opt to begin their ceremonies in the late afternoon once the most intense hours of sun are over. Upon arrival, guests can be served drinks and snacks in the lavish interior of the private villa, before making their way to the ceremony itself. Following the “I do’s”, the bride and groom can make the most of Koh Samui’s tropical sunsets with a photo session before joining their guests for cocktails and tasty Thai appetizers. Once the sun has set, the feasting can commence. A traditional Thai buffet is always popular, although some couples choose to make the most of Koh Samui’s local treasures by indulging in a seafood barbecue on the villa’s terrace. Later, the guests can enjoy entertainment selected by the bride and groom with fireworks lighting up the sky and Chinese lanterns released to mark the happy occasion.